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"PITCH AND PUTT"  - as defined by IPPA

Pitch and Putt is defined as follows:

Distances: (a)   Length of hole: 90 metres maximum
(b)  Length of 18 hole course: 1,200 metres maximum
Clubs: three clubs maximum, one of which must be a putter

What is Pitch and Putt Golf?
With the purpose of introducing more people to Golf, this format was accepted by the R&A (the highest ruling Golf authority in the world) in December 2010 when the R&A recognised the International Pitch and Putt Association, IPPA. Pitch and Putt is also called a ‘Nursery of Golf’ because this is a first step to learn Golf; at present it is the fastest growing international competitive sport.
Pitch and putt is "unconventional" Golf, (PAR 54), which is slightly different to Conventional Golf (PAR-72). Pitch and Putt is an 18 hole PAR-54 format, played on a short course where the distance of each hole is no more than 90 metres and the combined length of 18 holes is less than 1200 metres. In conventional golf a player uses three types of shots “Driving, Pitching and Putting”. In this new format, the player does not need to “Drive” but the rest remains the same. A player can use only 2 clubs, (generally irons), and a putter which makes this game more challenging.

Special Skills for Pitch and Putt
In Pitch and Putt, a player does not need to use force; it is more a question of technique, requiring good strategy. It is a fast and highly competitive game, renowned for close encounters; it requires adaptation to quickly changing situations and the ability to handle the pressures of the short game.

World Strokeplay Championship 2017
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European Team Championship Riom 13 - 15 September
European Team Championship Riom 13 - 15 September


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