Course Layout and Developement

(suggested guidelines; local conditions will lead to variations)

Area required: the ideal amount of ground (one course of 18 holes + one practice area + club house) required is 12 acres ( 5 hectares or 50.000 sq. meters).

Greens: ideally, the smallest green should be 6 to 7 metres in diameter, with the largest around 9 to 12 metres in diameter. The shape of greens varies a lot but circular greens are easiest to cut and maintain.
Greens should be fertilised a little and often during the growing season and dressed in winter.
Organic fertilisers are coming back into popularity and one should contact local gardening centres to enquire about availability. They produce good growth and lessen the danger of 'burning' which can be caused by artificial fertilisers.
Greens are best developed from virgin grass, with constant cutting and fertilising; watering as little and as often as possible helps growth.  Good quality seed is essential.

Aprons: these can be formed around all greens; cutting with a rotary mower will do. These aprons enhance the appearance of the greens and are not too punishing on a ball that rolls off the green during play. The grass on aprons should be about 1 inch high.

Fairways: a pathway should also be mown down to the same height as the aprons from the tee box straight towards the green and ending at the apron.

Sand bunkers : these should be carefully constructed. They can be flat or built into raised ground. They should be no nearer than 2-3 meters to the edge of the green in order to prevent sand pebbles from bunkers coming to rest on the greens, to the detriment of mowers and the grass itself. Excavate the soil after removing the sod 4 or 6 inches and cover with 3 or 4 inches of fine sand.
Bunkers should be kept raked, particularly before competitions.

Grass banks: should be built in a symmetrical manner, as these have to be maintained also. They should have a broad base and be wide rather than high. Keep the front edge a mower width from the edge of the green to facilitate the mowing of the apron.

Tee boxes: they can be synthetic grass. Tee boxes will need to cater for right and left-handed players.


World Strokeplay Championship 2017
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European Team Championship Riom 13 - 15 September
European Team Championship Riom 13 - 15 September


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